by The Arkitecht

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Hyperstructure is an album with two concepts inside:

The first half of the album which consists of six songs, are housed by the actual Hyperstrucutre concept. It is a short tale about a common man, a John Doe, who suddenly starts questioning the world around him and seeks to find an answer to why things are so messed up in the times we live in.

The second half of the album consists of just one song called Face Thief. This song is a complex progressive death metal epic. It has a full classical choir singing in spanish and a full size orchestra reminiscent to contemporary soundtracks on the vein of motion pictures like Matrix, Avalon, etc. The song lasts 32 minutes of an everchanging and breathtaking journey. The story is about a serial killer who seeks to bring the life of a gifted artist to its very ashes. A thriller on the vein of movies like Se7en, Fight Club, Lost Highway, etc.


released November 29, 2008

All Music/Rhythm Guitars/Keys/Programming: Genaro Ochoa
Guitar Solos: César Huesca
Vocals: Dante Díaz / Álvaro Lamadrid
Lyrics: Lila Nieto / Genaro Ochoa
Recorded in Mexico City
Mixed and Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima in Montpellier, France.


all rights reserved



The Arkitecht Mexico City, Mexico

The Arkitecht draws a fine line between progressive music and metal, taking both currents even closer by blending contemporary forms of metal with atypical progressive approaches.

Besides, the influence of classical and contemporary orchestral works feeds the music with a whole new sound that redefines symphonic metal in many ways.
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Track Name: Blackout
As I wake silence lets me wonder through my mind,
Darkness falls, showing me the questions never asked.

Eternity, longer than my lifetime can foresee,
Ages of creation melt into the sea.

We have sought extinction, have we not?
Can I watch it all collapse and do no more?

Long ago, we were in communion with the world,
How did humans drift so far from cause, from home?
We assumed the world belongs to us.

I'm just a man, thrown into existence by the gods.
Blind and helpless, left alone to fear and roam.

We have brought extinction, have we not?
Can I watch it all collapse and do no more?
This seemed so far away,
The future makes me wonder,
Will all be gone into The void?
Track Name: The 20th Century Feast and the Millenium Hangover
War, technology and oil
Have brought pollution, decadence and greed;
The more we take the more we fear,
The earth surrendered to our lust for gold!

Slaves of our voracity,
Progress has crippled our capacity;
Forever trying to simplify,
We complicate, we mystify
The word disposable defines our creed!

Debt, our only currency,
Constantly chained to damn economy;
Let's feed our dreams with bank accounts.
Worship the icon of the modern age!

Chains! The Twentieth Century destroyed our faith!
We're chained to fear!

Even though I know it's wrong
I don't want to sacrifice,
There's a part of me that's comfortable here.
In these niceties I drown,
I've got everything I want,
But my inner voice keeps whispering ìJust let it goî.

Whatever we might do, we stand alone
Feasting on our own flesh we won't last long

It'd be hard to recognize,
All the damage, all the lies,
Why would I want to observe the product I've become?
If I have to pay a price
Why redeem my faulty life?
I'll take everything, for here and now is all I've got.

Whatever we make up, we stand alone
Shadows on a wall aren't the real scene

We must break the Chains!
The Twentieth Century debauched our age!
We conquered all!
Leaving the earth profaned, our garbage spread!
I can't believe it hasn't been enough!

I don't know why I was born
But it's been so short a ride,
If I died now I would leave a worthless legacy.

I guess comfort isn't much,
If compared to what it costs,
Should I sacrifice or should I turn on...
...My new plasma screen?
Track Name: Through Broken Glass
Youth, endless sea of doubt,
Flow, you will find
Paradox, your birth mark
The road ahead is cruel but you must never resign

Everybody has a tag behind their back
That make them part
Of a crusade against their kind,
A kind that's owned,
Owned by trends, the trends of creed
That you don't need
In you I see what I am not
I cannot recognize my thoughts in my own keen.

And I wonder,
Will you have a glance
From up high?

The universe conceived in fragments,
A view through broken glass.
Rulers in our own lost confinement,
It's time to...

Segregation fits us all,
We stride against the wall,
And watch for flaws instead of merging with the crowd;
That makes us strong and fight the punish we allow.

And I wonder,
Will you have a glance?

The universe conceived in fragments,
A view through broken glass.
Rulers in our own lost confinement,
It's time to awake

To awake
Come, forget, dream on, follow the line
Track Name: Elation
Hooked up into the network
May seem as lobotomy,
Free wares without restrictions
A perfect anarchy

Some say is simulation,
They say I'll never be me

My real life is clogged in rules
That limit my imagination,
My feelings of Elation.

Some say its masturbation,
They must ignore what it means

One password and then a screen
Into an infinite diversion,
Away from complications
An ocean of Elation

A powerful technology,
The numbness of your mind
Experience life by typing keys
Away from social rites

I get immediate response
I surf around the globe
The web is my Elation
Track Name: Children of the Gods
Children of the gods, the gifted ones,
Born of sun and moon as keepers of truth.

Failure, defeated balance!

Wars are fought to keep our holiness,
Evil decadence, the price of our loot.

Symphony of agony ever we compose,
Gluttony, our disease, swells through the world,
Larceny, conspiracy, we can do it all!
Our empire will collapse.

Balance is broken,
Killed the treasure meant for thou to guard!
Seeking our nature,
Errand children must strive to reconcile

Long we've waited for the fated end,
Still, survival is a primitive desire,
A dream of mine
But it's is just too late.

Ignorant of the past
We are bound to harm again,
To conquer whatever's left.
Innocence is transgression,
No one can claim they don't partake;
The utter truth is within.
Forests on fire, oceans are higher, still we inquire
Who is to blame?

If there's more than I see
All my faith lies in you.
If there's no future, be done,
There is no time, not for us, no time left!

If ever I release my wrath,
Thou shalt depart in fright!
Thou hast shaped an awful scene
Within my sacred womb!

Children of the gods, the gifted ones,
Born of sun and moon as keepers of truth.

It'd be hard to break the chains,
It'd take courage to abandon dismay.

Balance is broken
Killed the treasure meant for thou to guard!
Seeking redemption,
Errand children must strive to reconcile
Beauty forsaken,
There's still time for men to come about.
Children of Nature,
Time has come to mend thy soul!
Track Name: Hyperstructure
Lay on the feeling,
Your heart will lead you;
What you've been seeking
Awaits inside you.

A new strength will arise from the crevices of broken eyes,
And if tomorrow's vague, trust the spirit in your brow.

Every vein in my neck
Pumps furious blood,
Voltage runs along my skull,
Sweat draws a watery blind on my face
My dry mouth burns
I don't feel my hands,
Behind my shadow the unknown whispers my name!

Shock waves piercing into my spine, I close my eyes,
My soul seems to recognize these hidden dreams,
All human drama begins to disappear
Before lucidity strikes.

A weightless mind
Floats pleasantly,
Above my body that's no longer mine I get a taste of the whole,
I can perceive the essence of our being.

Higher, I feel the planet breathing on my chest,
All creatures flow in a rhythm,
I can die knowing.

In the core
Of my pain
Knowledge grows,
Brighter conscience filling my soul!

Leaving my body behind,
My spirit pictures the splendor of life on this Earth!

My mind is vibrant,
I know this has just begun!

Light and darkness always have been one.
Light and darkness always have been one.

Ignorant of a destination carved within,
Trust your sight, dark is light as you and I are one,
We're all just one!
Track Name: Face Thief I. Prologue
Track Name: Face Thief II. Lazarus comeback
To have lost my closest friend in such a rabid manner;
How could I've foretold this end? He'd be better buried.
It's my past that's chasing me, but how was I to know it?
Lazarus is bound to me; in shadows we have spoken.

All my dearest, one by one,
Will be ravaged by his knife;
Now the victims of past times
Have awoken and will drag me down into fear.

Shaping fate,
It's my burden.

I have started a new life, away from his endeavors,
But escaping him was never meant to last.
Tell me

Why are my deeds coming back to me now?
I have concealed (a) truth I cannot avow.

I never should've taught him what he knows.
I never should've taught him what he knows.

Lazarus, you have stepped over the line,
I will find and destroy this wicked plan.
Track Name: Face Thief IV. Bonds with the Past
The first time we spoke
He praised my works
We talked long of body sculpting
An apt pupil thought I'd found.

Ignorant of his purpose
I instructed well;
Should've sensed the awkward background,
The subtle knell.

His thirst for knowledge glowed,
An artful talent showed.
His cold hands learned all so well,
It's my shame that he prevails.

He sent a sample for review,
A twisted joke, I assumed.
"Faceless woman found last night,
Serial killer still at large".

Out of the wisdom of my heart
Lazarus hove me into darkness.
I must protect all that I love
Before it's too late.

He crawled inside my head,
Showed himself in dreams.
Saw his knife, a steady hand,
One resembling mine.

Packages came every few days,
Lazarus got an epithet:
"Surgical killer on the loose,
Face Thief attacked, leaving no clues".

Out of the wisdom of my heart
Lazarus hove me into darkness.
I must protect all that I love
Before it's too late.
Track Name: Face Thief V. Vanity´s Departure
Driven back into the present,
Found no choice but to confess.
All that made me run away
Closes down on me today.

While the happenings aroused
Vanity stood aghast
To learn of her sordid fate,
Of my visions, of her death.

Her departure was decided,
For her safety is at stake.
If the riddle is unfold
Death will never seal our fate.

Her departure was decided.
Track Name: Face Thief VI. Crimson Pain
Though I tried to keep her out of sight
She was captured late at night.
On the wall she scratched a scream,
By the door she left her tears.

In my head I heard her crying
For I knew what she would bear,
There was nothing I could swear,
I still saw her faceless stare.

Next day I found on my doorstep
What I always tried to save,
Vanity’s beloved face
Dyed my hands of crimson pain.
Track Name: Face Thief VII. The Hunt for Lazarus
Lost in the thread of vile nights
His vicious trace I pursue,
Never more will I sojourn
Until my revenge is done.

Vanity, I promise
Your soul will rest when I
Repossess what I bestowed,
When his final gasp I choke.

In the dark
I will call you.

I smell the sweat of his hate
Tracing the path of the murders;
Lazarus has been my ghost,
But now I’m his shadow.

In the dark
I will call you.

I know you want me
Weak and broken,
You have been feeding on my sorrow
But I’m still ahead.

Over your shoulder
You see my rage
Around the corner you slide away;
But your shadow knows me.

Tu destino quieres ver
¡En el espejo mira!

Why do you keep slipping away?
How long before your face I slay?

Lazarus es muerte,
Ludiere, ¡Eres tú!
Track Name: Face Thief VIII. Mind Unfolded
I remember the knife.
Lazarus te tomará.
In my blood the thirst.

Does he speak through my dreams?
Lazarus conquistará.
What is it that I can’t see?

Tu reflejo te dirá
You lie!
Track Name: Face Thief IX. Recognition
Uno mismo, Sólo tú,
El tiempo ha terminado,
Pronto debes perecer,
El ha despertado.

Lo que temes, sino es;
Has velado
El designio
De tu ser.

Vive en ti
Morará en tu ser extinto.

Into the darkest hour,
Your life has been devoured.
Essence will not remain
Your body houses another tenant.

Into the darkest hour,
Your life has been devoured.
A crack inside your mind
Once held the key to prevent the future.

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